Werner Enterprises Operation Freedom truck wins technology award

Werner Enterprises Operation Freedom truck received the “Most Technologically Advanced Cab” award at the Mid-America Trucking Show that took place March 21-23 in Louisville, Kentucky. The military themed Operation Freedom truck was one of 79 trucks in the competition and won the award due to its advanced technological equipment.

“At Werner, we are proud to be known as a technological leader. It’s important that we continue to push the envelope, testing new products and strategies, so that our drivers are equipped with the best technologies available,” stated Steve Phillips, senior vice president of operations for Werner Enterprises. “The investments we make in our fleet are consistent with our dedication to the safety of our drivers and the safety of the motoring public.”

The award-winning truck is equipped with the MCP200 mobile information system that provides mobile communication for both production and safety items including hours of service. In addition, the truck also has a safety system called Mobileye. This is a passive safety system that uses a camera to detect lane markings, speed signs, vehicles and pedestrians and provides the driver with audible and visual warning alerts.

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