Ben Hein – 4 Million Safe Miles Award Winner

Werner Enterprises recently awarded professional driver Ben Hein of Fairbury, Neb., with the 4 million safe driving miles award. Such an accomplishment has been achieved by only one other driver in Werner history, Charley Endorf, also from Fairbury. Two million miles is equal to 700 trips from San Francisco to New York City, so technically Ben has completed the equivalent 1400 times safely without incident. It is a testament to his loyalty, dedication and commitment.

Ben Hein is an exceptional driver without question. He has driven for Werner for 31 years and has averaged 1 million safe driving miles per 7.75 years, an accomplishment that most drivers reach near the 9 to 10 year mark. Ben drives an average of 13,000 miles per month and he has generated approximately $7 million dollars in revenue as a driver for the Company while never delivering a late load.

While the 4 million mile achievement in itself is outstanding, Ben’s career in its entirety is a shining example of diligence, patience and success. He has been described as the “silent assassin” quietly doing his job with the professionalism and dignity of a true gentleman. Even upon receiving his award, he humbly thanked his wife and joked that he still wasn’t sure what he wanted to be when he grew up. We are honored that he has spent the last 31 years with Werner and we look forward to many more. Werner is appreciative of all that Ben has done and continues to do for the Company. He is truly an elite driver.

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