James Luigs: 2 Million Safe Miles

Professional driver James Luigs was recently honored with the award for 2 million safe driving miles at the 2nd Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony. Luigs, a native of Princeton, Ill., has driven for Werner for 19 years.

James, or Jim as he prefers to be called, received his first formal training as a driver during his three years in the army. He said that his first one million safe driving miles seemed to take forever to reach. The second million came easier to him as by that time he had developed his “A” game as a natural part of his driving routine. His helpful tip for other drivers is to remember driving requires all or your attention all of the time. If you give it any less, you may not make it home. Described by his fleet manager as an advocate for his peers, Jim is always looking for ways to improve processes for all drivers.

When not on the road, Jim enjoys spending time with his wife, kids and grandkids. He especially likes riding his Harleys and takes a great deal of pride in maintaining them.

We congratulate Jim on his 2 million mile achievement and his continued commitment to safety. We wish him many more successful years on the road and look forward to celebrating further milestones with him in the future.

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