May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and the National Highway Safety Transportation’s message to all motorists is simple – share the road. Warmer weather entices both car and motorcycle enthusiasts to road trip, and whether on two, four or 18 wheels, we need to remember to follow the same rules of the road.

So as we gear up for our road trips and joy rides, pay special attention. Motorists can easily miscalculate the speed and distance of an approaching motorcycle due to its smaller dimensions. To prevent crashes, drivers should check the position of a motorcycle at least two or three times before proceeding through an intersection, changing lanes or making a turn.

Motorcyclists in turn also should practice safety, and the best protection is

preparation. In most states, an important step in the license process includes passing a skills test. Taking a safety course gets you ready to hit the road safely and with confidence.

Wearing the appropriate gear also is a good measure of safety, including a helmet, durable clothing and shoes. Perhaps the best thing motorcyclists can do is always stay visible to other motorists.

So have fun on the road, but remember – we all want to get there safely, so we must do our part to share the road.

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