Jeff Wessinger – 2 Million Accident-Free Miles

Professional driver Jeff Wessinger’s nickname might be Wild Man, but his 2 million mile accident-free award, presented to him at the June 9 Second Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony, is evidence of quite the opposite.

Wessinger, a Werner driver since 2000, achieved his safety milestone about as quickly as it can be done, but he doesn’t let his success go to his head.

“I’ve got 2 million miles behind me, and the only one that matters is the next one,” he said.

As for advice for other drivers, Wessinger offered this: “Beware of vehicles with many dents, especially the ones with hanging side mirrors.”

A native of Swansea, South Carolina, Wessinger likes to spend time relaxing on his front porch with his wife and their five Chihuahuas, two bourgeois, one macaw and one parrot.

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