Brad Graybill Headed to Nationals

Professional driver Brad Graybill has one thing on his mind, and he’s been very vocal about it – he wants to become the best Flatbed driver in the country. As luck, or rather skill, would have it, he has positioned himself perfectly to do so.

Graybill took first place in the Flatbed class at the Nebraska State Truck Driving Championships in June. As he prepares for the National Truck Driving Championships in St. Louis Aug. 11-15, he reflects on his journey and what it could mean.

“It’s a big thing for me,” Graybill said. “I’m competing against the best of the best. If I win, I will be the first Werner driver to win a national championship.”

Graybill started competing in the state competition back in 2010 as an alternate and said practicing and competing has helped to sharpen his skills. He also gives a lot of credit to the invaluable support of his teammates throughout the years.

For Graybill, a 37-year professional driver and 32-year Navy veteran who placed third and fourth in past state competitions, a win in St. Louis would be the highlight his career. But regardless of the outcome, Graybill plans to keep driving at least a few more years with the goal of achieving 1 million accident-free miles.

After that? Perhaps retirement for the Victorville, California, native and the chance to spend more time with his wife, Jan, and three children and seven grandchildren.

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