2015 CVSA Brake Safety Week – Sept. 6 – 12

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA’s) 2015 Brake Safety Week starts Sept. 6. Will you pass the inspection?

It especially is critical that you start your day with a thorough pre-trip inspection. Here are the major areas you should check:

• Airlines – Check for abrasions, bulges, cuts or leaks.
• Drums and Linings – Inspect for grease and oil, and make sure linings don’t have cracks and are at least a quarter of an inch thick.
• Clamps and Mountings – Confirm they are secure and tight.
• Slack Adjusters – Check that they are secured and undamaged.
• ABS Light – Make sure the ABS light is on when you turn on the truck and then turns off. If it stays on, there is a fault in the system.

In addition to inspecting your brakes, officers also will be looking at your paperwork and permits. Be sure your CDL and medical certificate are up-to-date and your BOL’s and permits are within reach.

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