2 Million Accident-Free Miles – James Dill

Professional Werner driver James Dill heard many stories as a child about his grandfather’s truck driving days, but it wasn’t until a friend inspired him that he decided to start his own career. That choice turned out to be a good one not only for Dill, but also for Werner – he was awarded the 2 million accident-free miles award at the Sept. 18 Third Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony.

For Dill, a Werner driver since 1988, having a successful career isn’t just about skill. Attitude also plays a large part.

“It’s important to have a good attitude when dealing with the motoring public and the customer,” he said.

His advice for new drivers is all about caution on the road.

“Keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you and give yourself plenty of time to stop,” Dill said.

The native of Bartelso, Illinois, makes time to enjoy fishing and relaxing when not on the road.

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