Joseph Colburn Jr. — 2 Million Accident-Free Miles

Professional driver Joseph Colburn Jr. takes the same commitment to safety he practiced in both the Marines and the Navy and applies it when he’s driving for Werner Enterprises.

It’s that commitment to safety that helped him earn the 2 million accident-free miles award at the First Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony on March 2.

“It’s important to look at the big picture,” Colburn said. “Check your mirrors, observe your surroundings and leave plenty of space between other vehicles.”

A Werner driver for 22 years, Colburn is a resident of Port Crane, New York. He enjoys building homes, furniture and woodworking.

Lakeland Terminal Welcomes C.L. Werner

As a legend in the trucking industry, it’s no surprise the presence of C.L. Werner drew a crowd during his Nov. 18 visit to the Lakeland terminal.

“There was a line, and he was signing autographs all morning,” said Jason Easom, Lakeland’s terminal manager. “He’s a rock star. You would have thought he was Gene Simmons from KISS.”

Werner’s inaugural trip to the terminal began with a 7 a.m. meet and greet breakfast with the terminal’s professional drivers and included a tour of the facilities. Werner was presented with a special tapestry to commemorate the visit, and the team also is working to gather special notes of appreciation from local vendors to give to Werner as a thank you for bringing business to the community.

“C.L. has never been to Lakeland, and we wanted to make sure he remembered us,” Easom said. “It was a very special occasion to us that he was able to get down here and see us, so we really wanted to show our appreciation.”

Veterans Day 2015

Werner honored military veterans Wednesday, Nov. 11, at locations throughout the country and hosted Veterans Day ceremonies at its global headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, and its Indianapolis, Indiana, and Springfield, Ohio, terminals.

Werner representatives speaking at the various locations included C.L. Werner, founder, chairman and CEO; Derek Leathers, president and COO; and Jim Morbach, senior director of Student and Government Recruiting.

Veterans Day 2015

Werner will honor military veterans today at locations throughout the country and host Veterans Day ceremonies at its global headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, and its Indianapolis, Indiana, and Springfield, Ohio, terminals.

Werner representatives speaking at the various locations will include C.L. Werner, chairman and CEO; Derek Leathers, president and COO; and Jim Morbach, senior director of Student and Government Recruiting.

Werner will offer free lunch to all of its professional drivers following the Veterans Day events.

Werner Enterprises to Host Driver Appreciation Week

Werner Enterprises will host a weeklong celebration to coincide with National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Sept. 13-19 that will include events at both its global headquarters and locations throughout the country. The company will devote the week to honoring the dedication and service of the more than 3 million professional drivers who deliver freight safely and efficiently throughout the nation.

“This week is really about putting the exclamation point on what we try to do throughout the year,” said Derek Leathers, president and COO. “It’s important to celebrate and highlight the crucial role these men and women play in our daily lives.”

In addition to serving meals and providing gifts at all of its terminal locations and various Dedicated sites, Werner will host a driver recognition ceremony Friday, Sept. 18, in Omaha to honor the most recent drivers to achieve 2 million accident-free miles. The ceremony will be followed by a live remote broadcast of the SiriusXM Radio show “Road Dog Trucking News.”

Brad Graybill Headed to Nationals

Professional driver Brad Graybill has one thing on his mind, and he’s been very vocal about it – he wants to become the best Flatbed driver in the country. As luck, or rather skill, would have it, he has positioned himself perfectly to do so.

Graybill took first place in the Flatbed class at the Nebraska State Truck Driving Championships in June. As he prepares for the National Truck Driving Championships in St. Louis Aug. 11-15, he reflects on his journey and what it could mean.

“It’s a big thing for me,” Graybill said. “I’m competing against the best of the best. If I win, I will be the first Werner driver to win a national championship.”

Graybill started competing in the state competition back in 2010 as an alternate and said practicing and competing has helped to sharpen his skills. He also gives a lot of credit to the invaluable support of his teammates throughout the years.

For Graybill, a 37-year professional driver and 32-year Navy veteran who placed third and fourth in past state competitions, a win in St. Louis would be the highlight his career. But regardless of the outcome, Graybill plans to keep driving at least a few more years with the goal of achieving 1 million accident-free miles.

After that? Perhaps retirement for the Victorville, California, native and the chance to spend more time with his wife, Jan, and three children and seven grandchildren.

Werner Annual Truck Roadeo 2015

The heat was on at this year’s Werner Roadeo on July 24, but our professional drivers remained cool under pressure and delivered a top-notch display of skill, knowledge and talent. Associates came out in droves to support our drivers in the competition, and everyone even had the chance to enjoy an icy treat. From associate ride alongs to raffle prizes to the competition itself, there was a little something for everyone.

Congratulations to our drivers who placed along with their respective department teams: David Korkosz (Team Reed)-first place; Larry Derr (Team Mullen)-second place; and Chris Baade (Team Parry)-third place.

Thanks to all who attended and cheered on our professional drivers.

Werner Hosts Its Annual Truck Roadeo Friday, July 24

Werner’s annual Truck Roadeo will take place Friday, July 24, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at its global headquarters. These nine professional Werner drivers are set to showcase their skills while close-quarter maneuvering their way through the challenging course for bragging rights:

• Chris Baade
• Philip Delauder Sr
• Larry Derr
• Terry Durham
• Brad Graybill
• Rebecca Heck
• David Korkosz
• Bryan Shirley
• Brian Schoemig

Kona Ice will be on-site throughout the event, and we invite all professional drivers who will be in the Omaha area on Friday to swing by, enjoy a free shaved ice treat and cheer on their fellow drivers!

Jeff Wessinger – 2 Million Accident-Free Miles

Professional driver Jeff Wessinger’s nickname might be Wild Man, but his 2 million mile accident-free award, presented to him at the June 9 Second Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony, is evidence of quite the opposite.

Wessinger, a Werner driver since 2000, achieved his safety milestone about as quickly as it can be done, but he doesn’t let his success go to his head.

“I’ve got 2 million miles behind me, and the only one that matters is the next one,” he said.

As for advice for other drivers, Wessinger offered this: “Beware of vehicles with many dents, especially the ones with hanging side mirrors.”

A native of Swansea, South Carolina, Wessinger likes to spend time relaxing on his front porch with his wife and their five Chihuahuas, two bourgeois, one macaw and one parrot.

Gary Gray – 2 Million Miles Accident Free

When you love what you do, it shows and such is the case for professional driver Gary Gray. His pride and enthusiasm were undeniable at the June 9 Second Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony when he received the 2 million mile accident-free award.

A Werner driver since 1995, Gray has trained more than 50 students, offering such advice as “expect the unexpected,” “keep a proper following distance” and “know your limitations.”

Regarding his award, Gray said, “I just took the knowledge Werner gave me and my skills and applied them.”

The native of Rialto, California, enjoys photography, playing guitar and spending time with his favorite passenger – his wife, Jilbrette.

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