Nebraska State Truck Driving Competitor – Terry Durham

Professional Werner driver Terry Durham will be competing in the Five-Axle class at the Nebraska State Trucking Driving Championships in Grand Island, Nebraska, on June 6.

Durham, a Werner driver since 2008, is actively working toward his first million accident-free miles. A five-time Nebraska State Truck Driving Champion, Durham has become a seasoned competitor who has won twice in the Straight class, twice in the Sleeper class and once in the Five-axle class.

The Gatesville, Texas, resident enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend, Teresa, and pursuing their favorite hobby – geocaching.

Help Support the Hours-of-Service Fix

Make your government work for you and let Washington know what you want.

The U.S. House of Representatives will be voting on a bill that includes language to further suspend the 34-hour restart restrictions. The suspension would no longer require two nights of down time from 1–5 a.m. and will allow more than one restart per week.

Below is a link that will help you automatically generate a letter to your U.S. Representative. Let your voice be heard!

Any questions can be directed to the Log Department. Thank you for taking the time to get involved and effect positive change in our industry!

Click It or Ticket

This Memorial Day weekend, keep safety the top priority.

To ensure the safety of the motoring public, through May 31 law enforcement will be making a special effort to check motorists for proper seat belt use in support of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2015 Click It or Ticket campaign.

If you have plans to hit the road, buckle up at all times. Wearing a seat belt will not only help you avoid a ticket, it also can save your life – statistics show that properly wearing a seat belt can increase the chance of surviving a crash by more than 50 percent.

If wearing a seat belt isn’t a habit for you, make it one. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and the National Highway Safety Transportation’s message to all motorists is simple – share the road. Warmer weather entices both car and motorcycle enthusiasts to road trip, and whether on two, four or 18 wheels, we need to remember to follow the same rules of the road.

So as we gear up for our road trips and joy rides, pay special attention. Motorists can easily miscalculate the speed and distance of an approaching motorcycle due to its smaller dimensions. To prevent crashes, drivers should check the position of a motorcycle at least two or three times before proceeding through an intersection, changing lanes or making a turn.

Motorcyclists in turn also should practice safety, and the best protection is

preparation. In most states, an important step in the license process includes passing a skills test. Taking a safety course gets you ready to hit the road safely and with confidence.

Wearing the appropriate gear also is a good measure of safety, including a helmet, durable clothing and shoes. Perhaps the best thing motorcyclists can do is always stay visible to other motorists.

So have fun on the road, but remember – we all want to get there safely, so we must do our part to share the road.

Werner Enterprises Named a 2015 Top Military Friendly Employer

For the tenth straight year, Werner Enterprises has been recognized as a 2015 Top Military Friendly Employer by G.I. Jobs magazine. The magazine ranks companies on the strength of their military recruiting efforts, percentage of new hires with prior military service and policies toward National Guard and Reserve services.

Werner, widely acknowledged for its efforts to ease the transition of military veterans into the workplace, continues to support our country’s veterans and their spouses. Werner’s Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship, developed in 2006, was the first of its kind to be approved by the Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs and allows veterans to use their GI Bill benefits to pay for training while receiving on-the-job instruction.

In 2012, Werner pledged to hire 1,000 veterans per year for the next five years through 2016. As of February 2015, Werner had hired 5,425 veterans and 204 veteran spouses. Military veterans comprise 20 percent of Werner’s driver workforce and 15 percent of all company associates.

James Kerby – 2 Million Safe Driving Miles

Being a professional driver requires skill, patience and professionalism, which for some appears to come naturally. Such is the case for professional Werner driver James “Jamie” Kerby, recent 2 million safe driving miles award recipient at the Dec. 9 Fourth Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony.

Kerby has driven for Werner since 1994, spending most of that time hauling temperature-controlled units. Kerby’s fleet manager describes him as someone “built to drive,” but the seven-year Army veteran was very humble about his achievement.

“I just enjoy doing my job,” said Kerby, a native of Laredo, Texas. “I really like to drive.”

David Hutson – 2 Million Safe Driving Miles

Professional Werner drivers have the opportunity to take family members and pets on the road and enjoy what they love doing with whom they love most.

David Hutson, recipient of the 2 million safe driving miles award at the Dec. 9 Fourth Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony, proves each day that this combination can add up to a successful career.

A seasoned Werner driver since 1988, Hutson travels with his trusted companion, Maximus, a 12-year-old Chinese Shar Pei. Together, the pair traverses the countryside while Hutson keeps safety his top priority.

“This was my goal, just like achieving 1 million miles, and now I am looking ahead to 3,” Hutson said. “By taking care of my dog, my truck and myself, I take care of the motoring public as well.”

A native of Mobile, Alabama, Hutson enjoys working around the house and visiting family and plans to one day own a vintage car.

Werner Honors Drivers at Third Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony

Werner held its Third Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony Sept. 16 during the heart of Driver Appreciation Week with President and COO Derek Leathers as emcee in front of a packed Conestoga building. Leathers presented the 3 million safe driving miles award to Michael Sheeds and the 2 million safe driving miles award to Robert Corn Jr. “These are special moments for Werner,” said President and COO Derek Leathers. “Together, these two drivers alone have accumulated 5 million safe driving miles, and that is what this industry is all about.”
Click here to view the video.

2 Million Safe Driving Miles: Dana Moulton

The hobbies of professional driver Dana Moulton include fishing, golfing, painting, building furniture and model trucks–all which require skill, talent and patience. So, it is no surprise those same attributes have carried over to his career, garnering him the 2 million safe driving miles award at the June 20 Second Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony.

Moulton, a proud native of Nashua, New Hampshire, began his driving career in 1975. After leaving the business to pursue other opportunities, it wasn’t long before he returned to the open road. Moulton joined Werner in 1993, initially out of the love for the color blue, and has since enjoyed 21 successful years and counting.

“Look at it as a lifestyle and you will enjoy doing it,” he said of his profession.

While Moulton is very passionate about trucking and enthusiastic about his other interests, what brings him the most joy is spending time with his two daughters and his grandson.

First Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony

Three professional drivers were honored for their driving excellence and commitment to safety during the March 11 First Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony.

Della Sanders, associate vice president of Driver Relations, presented the 3 million safe driving mile award to Douglas Brittenham and 2 million safe driving mile awards to Delton O’Neal Jr. and Paul Tomaselli.

“Talk about Werner proud,” Sanders said. “These three gentlemen came from truck driving schools and were developed as new drivers in the industry to multi-million mile drivers here today.”

Sanders referenced the milestones in baseball terms: the average homerun is 370 feet; with 5,280 feet in one mile, it would take 14 homeruns to equal one mile. That means 98 million homeruns would have to be hit to equal the distance these drivers have safely traveled.

“I think it’s safe to say they have definitely hit a grand slam,” she said.

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