Please travel safely this holiday weekend

As the holiday season approaches, Werner Enterprises would like to remind our Professional Drivers to practice safety in the midst of increased travel. A statistic from AAA estimates 90 percent of travelers or 39.1 million people plan to travel by automobile this Thanksgiving.

According to AAA, 43.6 million Americans are projected to journey 50 miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. These travelers will impact the roads making a challenging job even more so for our Drivers. Traffic will be heavier and congested.

Whether you are traveling home for the holiday or staying out to work, be sure you are alert, focused and dedicated to keeping the roads safe this weekend and always.  Use safe and sound driving practices so you can deliver your loads as needed and most importantly make it home safely.

Operation Safe Driver Week 2012

The FMCSA and CVSA have declared this week Operation Safe Driver Week 2012. This is a week to focus on how motorists can drive safely around large trucks and the need for all motorists (truck and passenger vehicle drivers), to follow the rules of the road, avoid aggressive and unsafe driving behaviors without distractions, all while buckled up.

During this week, jurisdictions across North America will engage in stepped-up traffic safety enforcement aimed at unsafe driving behaviors, particularly distracted driving. This program will also feature PSAs in regions where the most commercial motor vehicle crashes occur.

A GPS may be helpful, but don’t rely on it

Werner Driver doing proper trip plan

We’ve heard it before… “I don’t need a map, I have a GPS.” Well, here is a perfect example of why a proper trip plan should ALWAYS include a motor carrier atlas.

Just last week, a driver from an Illinois trucking firm was charged with a felony for an accident he was involved in. The driver was under an empty load when he drove his rig over a 139-year-old historic covered bridge in De Kalb County, Ind., causing extensive damage. His excuse was that his GPS told him to go that route.

Because the damage to the bridge, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was estimated to be over $114,000, officials have charged this driver with a Class D felony for criminal mischief.

Officers from the De Kalb County sheriff’s department noted that had the driver checked, he would have seen there is a bridge on an approved truck route just 1,000 feet to the south, where he could have safely crossed.

Drivers, please do not rely on your GPS to get you safely to your destination and if for some reason you make a wrong turn, do not be too proud to ask for help before getting yourself into an unsafe situation.

Celebrate National Cell Off Day

25% of crashes involve cell phones while driving.
25% of crashes involve cell phones while driving. Be safe.

At Werner Enterprises we take the safety of our nation’s roads very seriously, which is why in conjunction with the National Safety Council, we are asking everyone to participate in National Cell Off Day. It takes place tomorrow, Friday, September 28th and it is a day to turn off your cell phone completely while driving.

Werner’s professional fleet fully complies with Federal Regulations that prohibit texting and requires drivers to use a hands-free device when talking on the phone. But please remember, it’s not always about where your hands are, it’s about where your head is. Distractions, such as cell phones, now join alcohol and speeding as the leading factors in serious injury crashes.

The National Safety Council attributes 1.3 million crashes per year to texting or talking on cell phones while driving. By simply turning off your phone while behind the wheel, you can eliminate the temptation to answer incoming calls, texts or emails while driving. Help promote highway safety by taking the Cell Off Challenge.

Werner Enterprises thanks you for recognizing National Cell Off Day. And remember, it takes 21 days to form a habit. Start September 28 and continue the next day, and the next and the next.

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