James Armstrong: 4 Million Safe Miles!

Professional driver James Armstrong was recently honored at the 2nd Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony. James, who goes by Jim, recently achieved four million safe driving miles. He is only the third Werner driver to do so.

Jim, also known as 007 by his peers, is originally from North Platte, Neb. He has driven for Werner for nearly 36 years and has seen plenty of industry changes during that time. What has inspired him throughout his career has been a strong desire to keep doing the job he loves. Nowadays, he enjoys life on the road with his girlfriend and faithful passenger, Judy.

Regarding his latest achievement, Jim simply said it made him most proud that all his hard work and dedication paid off. As a result, he has been able to achieve something few drivers ever do. His advice to other drivers is to be safe every moment you are driving as it only takes a few seconds for things to go wrong. Jim’s goal is to always stay focused on the job, a strategy that has proven very successful for him.

We thank Jim for all he has done and continues to do for Werner Enterprises. His career is that of a true professional.

2nd Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony

Della Sanders, associate vice president of driver relations, recently presented two professional drivers with safe driving awards at the 2nd Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony. Werner drivers are honored and recognized for each increment of one million safe driving miles achieved. Such accomplishments are not only testaments to their driving skills but also to their consistency and dedication to safety.

James Armstrong, originally from North Platte, Neb., received the award for four million safe driving miles, making him only the third Werner driver to achieve such a prestigious milestone.

James Luigs, who resides in Princeton, Ill., was honored with the award for two million safe driving miles, an accomplishment that only 158 Werner drivers have reached to date.

Congratulations to these drivers and their families. We proudly honor and thank them for keeping our roads safe.

2 Million Safe Miles

Werner Enterprises honored professional driver Jack Mock with the 2 million safe driving miles award at the 1st Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony. Jack has driven for Werner for 24 years and has been described as true blue all the way through.

His dispatcher Don Hile shared these words of praise for Jack. “From an ever changing industry, you’ve been able to adapt and continue to be a productive asset for us. You are proof that when you do the small things right, big things will happen.”

Jack lives in Findlay, Ohio, with his wife of 50 years. He enjoys spending time with his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Congratulations to Jack on his award. We appreciate all he does for Werner Enterprises.

Road Team: Mentor Spotlight

This week’s Road Team Mentor spotlight is Tim Dean. Tim, a driver in the van network, has driven for Werner for 25 years. He has been very active in the industry over the years. He was named a captain on America’s Road Team from 2009-2010 and has been a Werner Road Team Captain since 2005, currently serving as a Road Team Mentor. In addition, he is a six-time Nebraska State Truck Driving Class Champion. Tim has also received the award for three million safe driving miles.

Tim and his family currently reside in Griswold, Iowa.

April is Injury Prevention Month

In honor of Injury Prevention Month, we would like to address lifting as the third leading cause of work comp injuries. The third leading cause of work comp injuries occurs while lifting. These injuries include strains and pulls to numerous muscle groups including the arms, shoulders, neck, back, and legs. Injury claims of this type can be very expensive due to the complexity of the injuries. For example, neck and back injuries impact multiple areas and can be extremely costly. Rehabilitation can require a long period of time to complete as well. Dodge these and other types of injuries by checking out the prevention tips below:

Stretching and using proper lifting techniques are two of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce lifting injuries.

• Prepare your body for physical activity by increasing blood flow to stiff muscles and joints after long periods of driving. Walk around before lifting to help loosen muscles.
• Arms and shoulders can be stretched out while walking as well to make the most of your time.
• Do deep knee bends and toe touches to help prepare the leg and back muscles for lifting.

Proper Technique:
• Bend at the knees and use your legs to lift, relieving any strain on the back muscles.
• Keep items close to the body, reducing arm and shoulder strain while improving balance.
• Lift one large item at a time to avoid overexertion.

Patrick Inman: Two Million Safe Miles

Werner Enterprises recently presented professional driver Patrick Inman of Omaha, Neb., with the two million safe driving miles award. Pat, who also goes by the nickname Sleepy, met C. L. Werner at a truck show in the early 1980’s and knew he wanted to drive for Werner. Pat was one of the first student drivers to participate in the Werner training program and has since enjoyed a career driving with Werner for 27 years.

Pat’s dispatcher, Kenny Fenton, described him as a “go to” guy who is a great help with new drivers. Upon accepting his award, Pat thanked his dispatcher, his wife, Kathy, and his son, Ryan. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle.

Congratulations to Pat on his award and his successful career with Werner.

Ben Hein – 4 Million Safe Miles Award Winner

Werner Enterprises recently awarded professional driver Ben Hein of Fairbury, Neb., with the 4 million safe driving miles award. Such an accomplishment has been achieved by only one other driver in Werner history, Charley Endorf, also from Fairbury. Two million miles is equal to 700 trips from San Francisco to New York City, so technically Ben has completed the equivalent 1400 times safely without incident. It is a testament to his loyalty, dedication and commitment.

Ben Hein is an exceptional driver without question. He has driven for Werner for 31 years and has averaged 1 million safe driving miles per 7.75 years, an accomplishment that most drivers reach near the 9 to 10 year mark. Ben drives an average of 13,000 miles per month and he has generated approximately $7 million dollars in revenue as a driver for the Company while never delivering a late load.

While the 4 million mile achievement in itself is outstanding, Ben’s career in its entirety is a shining example of diligence, patience and success. He has been described as the “silent assassin” quietly doing his job with the professionalism and dignity of a true gentleman. Even upon receiving his award, he humbly thanked his wife and joked that he still wasn’t sure what he wanted to be when he grew up. We are honored that he has spent the last 31 years with Werner and we look forward to many more. Werner is appreciative of all that Ben has done and continues to do for the Company. He is truly an elite driver.

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