Pep Rally for Nebraska Truck Driving Championships

The 2013 Nebraska State Truck Driving Championships take place June 7-8 in Grand Island, Neb., and the following 10 talented Werner professional drivers will participate in their respective categories. First place winners of the eight equipment categories will advance to the National Truck Driving Championships that take place on Aug. 20-24 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Tim Dean – Three Axle
  • Alan Arnold – Five Axle
  • Terry Durham – Five Axle Sleeper
  • Larry Derr – 4 Axle Day Cab
  • Tom Pietrzak Jr – Tanker
  • Roy Hendrick – Twin Class
  • Brad Graybill – Flatbed
  • David Korkosz – Straight Truck
  • Scott Gavigan – Alternate
  • Larry O’Dell – Alternate

To show support and wish them well, Werner hosted a pep rally in the Werner Café on June 5. Derek Leathers, president and COO, spoke at the event thanking the drivers for all they do. Jim Mullen, executive vice president and general counsel, and Jaime Maus, vice president of safety and compliance, also spoke at the event. Afterwards, attendees enjoyed cake and ice cream and took a moment to wish the drivers good luck and thank them for representing Werner.

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