Nissen Honored with Humanitarian Award

One never expects an impromptu visit to a friend’s house to turn into a life or death situation, but thankfully Steve Nissen, heavy equipment appraiser, was prepared.

On the evening of Aug. 14 in Weeping Water, Neb., Nissen was visiting his friend and co-worker, Dixie Norris, when she began having speech difficulties and fell convulsing from her chair. While 911 was dialed and a neighbor ran for help, Nissen rolled Norris, who had no pulse and was not breathing, on her back and began chest compressions. Norris soon began breathing and regained consciousness by the time the ambulance arrived.

“I got lucky,” said Nissen, who has had no formal medical training.

Lucky or not, his heroic actions were recognized and honored Sept. 20 with a Humanitarian award.

“It gives me a great, great honor to present somebody who is not only a true friend of ours in our hometown, but someone who if it wasn’t for him, I don’t know where I would be today,” said Norris, who presented Nissen the award.

Humanitarian awards honor those who demonstrate lifesaving efforts and selflessly help others in a time of need.

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