Werner Cares: My Driver Training Experience

By: Brandon A.

As a recently honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran and new truck driving school graduate, I had several concerns about civilian life. In the military, there was a network of people and resources to help me if I needed guidance or support. I never thought that I’d find another employer that would match the same level of commitment, but I was wrong. I found out firsthand how Werner Enterprises really does live up to their motto: Werner Cares.

After picking up a load from a distribution center in Buckeye, Arizona, my trainer Sam M. was driving his shift on our way to El Paso, Texas, to make a drop at a store there. We were 20 minutes into our trip when we heard a loud bang and noticed dust and debris coming from the driver’s side rear trailer tires. Sam calmly took his foot off the accelerator and moved the truck to a safe spot away from potential hazards. As I realized we had a blowout, I wondered how long we were going to be stranded.

Sam used this opportunity to give me an in-depth class on the MCP200 by walking me through the process of sending a request to his fleet manager. Sam notified his fleet manager of the incident and that he would be sending a macro 24, an emergency breakdown request, for approval. Once the request was sent, we received confirmation that the fleet manager approved it and that help was on the way.

While we were waiting for assistance, we set out our emergency equipment and talked about the incident. Sam and I discussed Werner’s policies on breakdowns and went over the Driver’s Handbook. During our wait, the Emergency Roadside Assistance Department let us know that a tech was en route to our location and asked us if we needed further assistance. After replacing the tire, the Petro tire tech gave us some good information about how tires are affected by heat and road conditions. He also took extra time to help me learn from his experiences helping stranded drivers.

From Sam’s lessons, the quick response from Werner and the assistance Petro provided, I came to the conclusion that Werner really does mean it when they say they care. Hopefully, the rest of my training isn’t filled with similar life lessons, but if an incident does arise, I know the Werner team has my back.

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