2 Million Safe Driving Miles: Daniel Cantu

Speaking with professional driver Daniel Cantu, it’s easy to understand how he achieved 2 million safe driving miles. A consummate professional with a personal drive to always perform at his best, Cantu was presented the award at a special Second Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony at Werner’s terminal in El Paso, Texas.

A Werner driver since 1994, Cantu knew at an early age he wanted to drive a truck, and he takes his career very seriously – right down to the very last detail.

“When you represent the company as a driver, you should always be well groomed,” he said. “Customers notice, and you feel refreshed and better able to perform your job.”

Cantu advises drivers new to the industry to take their time and avoid rushing.

“Take a couple of extra minutes to double check your equipment, and you will save your life as well as the lives of others,” he said.

Cantu referred to his 2 million mile achievement as a great accomplishment for himself and for his family.

Cantu resides in El Paso, Texas, and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

Clarence Ward: 2 Million Safe Miles

Not many can say they have enjoyed two successful careers in a lifetime, but professional driver Clarence Ward is one of the lucky few.

Ward, who received the 2 million mile safe driving award at the Dec. 13 Fourth Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony, followed a unique path. After 21 years of service with the U.S. Army, he embarked on the new journey of professional driver.

Now with 20 years of experience with Werner, Ward enjoys sharing his knowledge. To date, he has trained 75 students.

“Pay attention and stay focused, especially in inclement weather,” he advises other drivers.

When not on the road, Ward likes to watch sports and is an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan. Residing in Marshall, Texas, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, son and three grandkids.

National Truck Driving Championships

Werner Enterprises is proud to congratulate its professional drivers for their impressive performance Aug. 20-24 at the National Truck Driving Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah. Werner drivers delivered strong performances in their respective categories, including a top 10 finish and two top 15 finishes. The annual event, now in its 76th year, tested 422 drivers from throughout the United States in a written exam, pre-trip inspection and driving skills test. Each year, more than 2,000 spectators attend to cheer on the top drivers showcasing the high levels of professionalism and skill they demonstrate every day on America’s highways.

  • Terry Durham – Sleeper Berth Class
  • Roy Hendrick – Twin Trailers Class
  • Alan Arnold – Five-Axle Class
  • Tim Dean – Three-Axle Class

Four professional Werner drivers compete at Nationals

Congratulations to the professional Werner drivers competing Aug. 21-24 at the National Truck Driving Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah:

  • Alan Arnold – Five-Axle Tractor – Semitrailer (Van)
  • Tim Dean –Three-Axle Tractor – Semitrailer
  • Terry Durham –Five-Axle Tractor (Sleeper Cab) – Semitrailer (Van)
  • Roy Hendrick – Twin Trailers

To advance to the national competition, drivers placed first in their respective categories at the Nebraska State Truck Driving Championships in June. Their knowledge, skill and professionalism will be judged as they compete against nearly 450 drivers from throughout the country in a written exam, pre-trip inspection and challenging driving skills test. Drivers will be tested on first aid; safety and security rules; policies and practices; fire and personal safety; health and wellness; and hazardous materials.

We wish them good luck and great success in Salt Lake City.

James Armstrong: 4 Million Safe Miles!

Professional driver James Armstrong was recently honored at the 2nd Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony. James, who goes by Jim, recently achieved four million safe driving miles. He is only the third Werner driver to do so.

Jim, also known as 007 by his peers, is originally from North Platte, Neb. He has driven for Werner for nearly 36 years and has seen plenty of industry changes during that time. What has inspired him throughout his career has been a strong desire to keep doing the job he loves. Nowadays, he enjoys life on the road with his girlfriend and faithful passenger, Judy.

Regarding his latest achievement, Jim simply said it made him most proud that all his hard work and dedication paid off. As a result, he has been able to achieve something few drivers ever do. His advice to other drivers is to be safe every moment you are driving as it only takes a few seconds for things to go wrong. Jim’s goal is to always stay focused on the job, a strategy that has proven very successful for him.

We thank Jim for all he has done and continues to do for Werner Enterprises. His career is that of a true professional.

Bob Shuffield: 2 Million Safe Miles

Professional driver Robert “Bob” Shuffield was honored in March for his achievement of 2 million safe driving miles. Bob has driven for Werner for 24 years. He currently resides in Farmington, Utah, with his daughter. He has been described by his fleet manager as a hard worker who does his job the right way putting safety first at all times.

Bob’s is a worthy example of a driver who is diligent and dedicated and we are proud that he drives for Werner. We congratulate him on this latest accomplishment.

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