Morris Clark: 2 Million Safe Miles

Professional driver Morris Clark knew the exact moment he wanted to drive for Werner, a memory he recounted after receiving the 2 million safe driving miles award at the Dec. 13 Fourth Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony.

While in truck driver training school, he saw a blue truck and trailer pull in to a truck stop. Clark told his instructor that was the company he was going to work for, if they would have him.

“Blue’s my favorite color, and that was it for me,” he said.

Clark accomplished his safe driving feat through hard work and dedication.

“I listened and read everything that was presented to me by the company and applied it to what I do on the road,” he said.

He offered a bit of safety advice to other drivers – “Control the load. Don’t let the load control you.”

Clark, a proud native of Chesapeake, Va., has driven 22 years for Werner and enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Werner Enterprises Thanks Safe Drivers with New Truck Program

Werner Enterprises recently introduced a three-tiered Million Mile Safe Driver Truck Program designed to recognize professional Werner drivers who have achieved safe driving milestones of 1, 2 or 3 million miles with new trucks and accessories.

The new program offers professional drivers the opportunity to order new trucks equipped with an auxiliary power unit (APU) with 110-volt service and assorted accessories available depending on the safe driving milestone achieved.

“It takes a lot of dedication to strike the perfect balance between efficiently moving our country’s freight and ensuring the safety of the motoring public,” said Derek Leathers, president and COO of Werner Enterprises. “We are fortunate to have quite a few of these exceptional professional drivers on our team. Drivers who accumulate millions of safe miles deserve to be recognized for their hard work, and that’s what we plan to do with this industry-leading program.”

Drivers with 1 million safe driving miles at Werner are eligible to order a new truck with a special decal package, while drivers with 2 or 3 million safe driving miles at Werner also can choose from accessory packages and premium upgrades.

Werner currently has approximately 570 professional drivers eligible for this program. Overall, more than 1,500 professional Werner drivers have achieved 1 million or more safe driving miles.

James O’Halloran: 3 Million Safe Miles

A true professional not only excels at what they do, but also chooses to lead by example. In his 22-year career with Werner, professional driver James O’Halloran has mentored approximately 172 trainees during his 19 years as a trainer.

O’Halloran has had plenty of real-world experience and knowledge to pass on to the drivers in training – he earned the 3 million safe driving miles award at the Sept. 20 Third Quarter Associate Recognition Ceremony.

O’Halloran, an army veteran from Mt. Juliet, Tenn., has more than made an impact on the road with his students. He also formed a valuable friendship with his dedicated manager of eight years, Vince Bruce. The two share an avid interest in golf and took in a game the day before the awards ceremony.

“Jim, thank you for being my friend, being a great driver and representing Werner,” Bruce said.

When not on the road, O’Halloran enjoys spending time with his wife.

Road Team: Mentor Spotlight

Our first Road Team Mentor spotlight is Tom Pietrzak, Jr., a 48-state one million mile driver and trainer. Tom has driven for Werner for 15 years and has been a trainer for over 10 years, training more than 100 students in his career thus far. He placed first in the Nebraska State Driving Championship in 2010 and had a third place finish at the National Driving Championships that same year. Tom started as a Road Team Captain in 2010 and served on the Maintenance Forum in 2012.

Tom lives in Lansdale, Pennsylvania with his wife, Cindy, and son, Tom III.

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